Sunday, February 6

Fit for a Princess

I had just received a parcel of cake goodies in the mail a couple of weeks ago from America, one of the goodies was a brick impression mat. I'd been waiting to get one of these for so long so as you can guess I was super excited and eager to use it on a cake. It's amazing what a difference it can make to a cake! I did this same cake last year but it didn't have a brick effect, so when I made it this time around with my new toy.... well I think it makes the cake look way cooler!! I love it!! Once I used the impression mat on the cake I dusted it with some dusting pink edible tint just to enhance the brick pattern.

I love all the hearts!! Such a sweet and girlie cake. Perfect for the precious little princess it was made for.

We did mini cupcakes in white chocolate with our very delicious vanilla swiss meringue buttercream! Oh it is so good!! So light and silky smooth, melt in your mouth sweetness!

For the top cake we did our decadent chocolate mud cake with layers of our beautiful chocolate ganache, it is a chocoholics dream come true!

It is always so much fun creating cakes for little people!! Makes me feel like a kid again =o) And really I'm a big kid at heart!


  1. Vanessa, yet again I am blown away. Every cake you do is a even more stunning than the last. They are truly the best cakes I have ever seen...and I follow a LOT of international sites. You should write a book for all us amateurs! :) Tara

  2. Hi Vanessa,

    Thank you so much for creating this beautiful cake for my little girl. This cake was the centre of attention at our party and really stole the show. Your work is amazing!

  3. WoW! Amazing work. I can imagine the birthday girl was thrilled! Gorgeous.

  4. Hey Vanessa,

    this is one of the most beautiful pieces you have made, I love your work. You are so inspirational. Can I ask, what pipping nozzle did you use for the mini cakes above plz?

    Thanks alot

  5. Great info!! Thanks for sharing this article.