Tuesday, March 26

Isabella's Birthday Dinner Party!

As you all know back in December my little munchkin turned the big 5! We put together a special fairy party for her & her friends and we had a second party for our close friends and family.  We had a lovely dinner party and this is the dessert table I put together for her.

Welcome to Isabella's Dinner Party!

The birthday Girl!

Miss Isabella's party dress.

The birthday cake was inspired by Isabella's party dress.

Cake pops with sprinkles and chocolate macarons for the guest to enjoy.

White chocolate mini cupcakes with soft pink ribbon roses.

We all had a wonderful evening celebrating with Isabella! We feel very blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!!

Styling & Catering by Bella Cupcakes
Backdrop by Serendipity Soiree
Photography by Vanessa Iti
Dress from Lizzy Love
Paper fans from Lilybel Studio
Topper by Tiny Blossom


  1. Stunning! It all looks so beautiful. What a lucky girl.

  2. Hi Vanessa! Your munchkin is sooo cute!:) I'm sure the party was a big hit. Happy Birthday Isabella!

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  5. Absolutely amazing work. Thank you so much for sharing and inspiration.