Tuesday, May 14

A Long Time Coming!

I meet with the lovely Stacey way back in June 2011 to discuss her wedding cake for March the following year.  We had decided on a cupcake tower and all was going well!  Then I heard from her that she would need to postpone her wedding till April 2013.  I told her not to worry that we'd pencil in  April and we'll get back in touch and reconfirm everything.  Fast forward to 2013 and the cupcake tower was out and a 2 tier wedding cake was in!  Stacey wanted something that was elegant and very soft.  She had alot of pinks in her wedding and wanted to incorporate that into the cake.  She absolutely love my birthday cake I made last year and wanted me to use that design for inspiration.

Introducing Stacey & Norman's Romantic Wedding Cake

Stacey love the idea of adding a peony to the design.  I love all the floral elements with the peony and mini roses and gorgeous peach colour hydrangeas.  Placed all together with the soft pink tones and the stencil pattern on the bottom tier gave an overall feel of a very soft and romantic cake.

This cake was a long time coming and I'm so happy for Stacey & Norman that they finally got to have their special day!

Congratulations to you both!! I sure the wedding was worth the wait and I hope you both had a absolutely fabulous day!


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