Tuesday, February 15

Rose Swirl

Yipee! I have a day off today! Everyone is at work and my little munchkin is at pre-school. It's amazing how quiet the house is. So what do I do on my day off? Hmmm set up a rose swirl tutorial of course!

I get so many requests on how I pipe my rose swirl that I thought I would make up a quick photographic step by step tutorial { Tho, it wasn't quick to photograph and has taken 1/2 the day!! I have to say it was quite hard to pipe with one hand so I could take photos with the other, but hey it was fun! }

Firstly lets talk about the tips that I used:

For both my normal swirl and rose swirls I will either use a Wiltons star tip 1M {larger} & a Wiltons star tip 2D {smaller}. I use the 2D for my rose swirl as it gives a more delicate look, however if you only have a 1M that will work just as well.

So lets get started!

{How to pipe a rose swirl}

1M or 2D star tip : piping bag : buttercream : cupcakes : decorations

1. Start from the middle and pipe a small amount of buttercream into the centre.

2. Slowly work your way around going anti-clockwise until you reach the outer edge of your cupcake. Remember to apply even pressure to your pipping bag, this insures an even swirl all the way around.

3. Finish of with a decoration where the swirl ends.

And there you have a rose swirl cupcake!

Hope this tutorial has been useful and you can get an idea of how to pipe a rose swirl. You just have to keep at it and you will eventually get the rose swirl you desire.

Practice makes prefect!

Happy piping everyone!


  1. You are a LEGEND Vanessa. I have wanted to know how to do that for AGES and asked a few people, who kept it close to their hearts! And were very reluctant to divulge! So thank you!

  2. You make it look so easy! I def need more practice!

  3. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Vanessa!! OMG you even manage to make a tutorial look just divine - it looks as great as your product! My oh my you are one super talented mumma!

    Now if we could just have a recipe for some icing to go on top it would be a match made in heaven

    Now I am off to fill my bag and practice my piping

    Amelia :)

  4. Vanessa meant to ask in my post - what colour is that blue you use for the icing? I am attempting this for my daughters 3rd b-day next month and just adore that blue! I figure between now and Lexi's birthday I can manage something that resembles your swirl :)

    Cheers Amelia

  5. I am so glad I found your blog. I've been a Facebook follower for ever and love your work. Those lemon cupcake are going to be made this weekend and I may even try the rose swirl to make them look pretty.

  6. Thanks so much for the pretty tutorial...very clear instructions....beautiful swirls:O))

  7. Disculpa que no escriba en ingles. solo decirte Guaaaaauuuuu, guaaaaaauuuuu;

    Felicitaciones por ese trabajo tan estupendo.


  8. Yay! I'm so glad you all love the tutorial!! I really hope you all have a go at them as they are just gorgeous and not to hard to do! Just remember to keep practicing!! It took me awhile to get it right too =D

    @ Amelia: hehe I can't give away all my secrets =p
    Colour I used is a teal =)

  9. Beautifully photographed as always, Vanessa!♥ Dot

  10. thank you..but mind did not turn as nice as this. Of cos what ever you touch will come out beautifully...you have the golden touch! Next could you show how to do your figures?

  11. YOu made me laugh sweet friend! It IS NOT easy to take pictures as you work, LOL. But you manage to make it look that way! You amaze me every single day! ♥ glad you are blogging!

  12. i will try this! they look very pretty nd professional <3

  13. Yay! I just stumbled onto your blog while trying to figure out how to do this. I have the 1M tip, but mine looks very different from yours. The points on yours, are they curved in? Mine are much more open. The tip is new, too, but in the picture your points are almost touching. Will the swirls still look the same? So excited to try this on my cupcakes!

  14. Hey Vanessa,
    Thanks soo much for your tutorial, could you please show us how you actually ice your cakes??? I just ordered my 1M and 2D tips to try this out!!!! very excited, thank you, you rock.

  15. Thankyou so much for this tutorial...rose swirls are very pretty and I'm glad I can achieve them now! I found it so helpful that I've linked to it in my recent blog post about decorating carrot cupcakes. You explain the technique well:)

  16. Fee Flo Yum (Cakes for all Reasons)September 1, 2011 at 11:11 AM

    Ahh thank you so much for sharing - I'm off to try it tonight but am not expecting my 1st eforts to look anything even as remotely good as yours do!


  17. this looks easy thanks

  18. Thankyou for a great tutorial. I love your sense of colour , everything looks so beautiful.

  19. Hi Bella, can I ask u what tip do u use to make these rose swirl in ur picture, is this 1M or 2D? Thanks a lot for ur tutorial :x

  20. Beautiful, I've already tried to make the rose swirl one, but it was kind of overwhelming. I really liked your tutorial, so, I'll try it again!! Thanks for sharing it, and have a good day!

  21. Very nice and I love the color......!

  22. Wow! Gorgeous decoration - I cannot wait to try this - thank you!!

  23. This is a really useful tutorial which actually explains the technique - I've finally managed to make roses on my cupcakes using a 2D! Thanks again Bella.

  24. Hey! Do you happen to have any writing education or it is just a completely natural talent? Thank you so much in advance for your answer.

  25. Thank you for your tips that I was very grateful like so many others. God Bless you with his love and kindness...

  26. Thank you for the tutorial. I will try this soon. Aloha!

  27. Very pretty. *counter-clockwise

  28. Do you stop and restart your swirl or just a continous swirl? Does that make sense? Thanks!

  29. So cool my friend. i love it.
    Thank you for the tutorial. I will try this soon

    van phong pham
    tap hoc sinh

  30. hi vanessa,
    i'm from germany and i like your page :)

    soon, i'll try to make my own rose swirl cupcakes :)

    would you tell me, which recipe did you use for the dough and frosting?

    nice regards from germany :)