Monday, April 25

Easter Time

So what did all you lovlies out there do for Easter?  We had a very busy Easter! Wedding cakes and cupcakes to get done, a friends wedding to attend and also a tea party to organise for my little munchkin and her cousins.  I'm not quite sure how I found the time to get Isabellas Easter hunt tea party ready? but somehow I got there.  I really wanted to create something special for the kids {As you will know Isabella has been supper excited for the last 5 weeks}

I found these wonderful Easter printables online at Catch my Party.  There are a few different designs and all gorgeous and will definitely add a bit of sparkle to a party.

 Isabella and I went out on an Easter decoration shopping expedition last week and found some fabric Easter eggs for the tree, we also found  some sweet dollies and the bright yellow polka dot fabric from Spotlight.

On the menu for the munchkins

Homemade Pink Lemonade
Fruit Kababs
Heart Shaped Fairy Bread
Caramel Squares
Mini Sausage Rolls
Mini Onion Tarts
Vege Sticks

The kids had a fantastic time enjoying their tea party and were super excited about the Easter Hunt!! It was fun for us adults hiding all the Easter eggs  & there were a whole LOT of them too.  The kiddies had their purple tin buckets at the ready and waiting for the call.  About 10mins later they were off! Inside and outside, all you could hear were lots of giggles and screams of excitement when an Easter eggs was found.  Eggs were eaten and sugar comber kids bouncing for joy on the trampoline and time for us adults to chill out and enjoy the nibbles and some more of that yummy pink lemonade.

A wonderful Easter weekend at the Iti household! Hope you all had a fabulous Easter too.


  1. Please, please, PLEASE!!! Can you tell us where you got that amazing wallpaper from?!

  2. wonderful job, i join you.
    kiss from Spain

  3. How do you do the Homemade Pink Lemonade? of course is homemade but do you put something in the lemonade? do you have a tutorial? i really want to know how you do it... so please e-mail me: My name is Mariana by the way.