Tuesday, June 7

It's all about the sea and a few ships!

Well, another week and its another cake!!! I love it when I have a vision in my head of what I want a cake to look like and then being able to making that vision come to life and THEN to have it look absolutely 100 times better then what I had envisioned is awesome!!! These 2 cakes did just that!

I was asked to create a Noah's Ark cake for a little man who turned one - I was so excited about this one!  I've always wanted to create a Noah's Ark cake but have never been asked till now.  The Ark is made of LCM bars or some of you may know as RCT.  This cake was definitely a labour of love!!! Many, many hours were spend craving out the ark and then covering it with fondant and making the fondant to look like wood.  Add a few more many, many hours crafting all the cute little animals for the ark = forever hours {a labour of love}.  But if you know me I'm a person who is all about the details, so I can't, but take my time to create my vision with fondant.  I was just sooooo pleased with how it all came together and was very sad to let this one go.

Happy 1st Birthday Shaun!

The next super cool cake that I got to create was a cake for my very good friend from Photographique Catherine Robinson.  I have known Catherine since we were in kindergarten.  Her son James is so into pirates at the moment so I thought it would be so much fun to create a pirate cake for James.  The pirate ship is made out of LCM bars or RCT.  Another labour of love cake!! The ship has individual strips added in different sizes and then textured to look like wood.  The red and white striped sail was made with fondant with individual strips of fondant put together to achieve the look.  I just love all the little details on this cake.  My hubby was fell in love this cake.  He kept coming back to have a look at it ever couple of hours!! {Very sweet of him}.  Needless to say that James was blown away with his birthday cake.  Another favourite to add to my list of favourites.

Happy 4th Birthday James!

Life is fun when I get to make fun stuff and make people happy!!  Visions of Happy Sugar People!! Yay!

Happy Baking


  1. Vanessa your work is absolutely AMAZING!! I was just checking out your Facebook page & I was speechless. Your cupcakes are flawless & perfect. I truly wish one day ill be half as good as you!

  2. These wonderful and sooooooo cute!!! I love the little figures!!

  3. I can't believe you have only been doing this for such a short time! The detail is incredible. You are so talented. Beautiful work. I look forward to your future cakes!

  4. Wow.. you are so talented.. I wish I could make such beautiful cakes :D

  5. Beautiful Work! You are blessed with a great gift!

  6. Hi Vanessa, just wanted to drop over and say wow....your work is amazing...is your ark cake a 6 inch or an 8 inch....lots of inspiration for me...