Friday, June 17

Welcome to my Kitchen!

I had brought my camera to the shop the other week, so I thought it would be fun to take some more "behind the scenes at Bella Cupcakes Headquarters" photos.

While all you lovelies out there are fast asleep, I'm usually in my kitchen with the music going full blast making magic happen.  It's really lovely knowing its just me and my cupcakes.  Working away getting everything ready for my lovely customers.

Busy! Busy! Busy! Cutting out fondant to cover my cupcakes

 I absolutely love this part - decorating the cupcakes.  These are my handmade fondant roses - I think they look lovely on the lace embossed cupcake.

So what's the story behind these cupcakes?  These were made for a wedding.  The bride-to-be loved my purple rose cupcake tower I did awhile back and she wanted something similar.  I don't really like to do the same design twice so, I change a few things and well just love the final look of everything.

The bride decided to go for our delicious chocolate mud cake for the top cake.  And for the cupcakes our very popular white chocolate & raspberry and something a bit tropical: coconut and pineapple cupcake with infused coconut buttercream {YUMO}.

Another fun cupcake tower to make and just love all the details.  My favourite would have to be those super large roses!!  My bride just loved everything about it too, which just makes me super happy!

Happy Baking!


  1. bonjour je suis nicole je vie en france pouver vous me montrer en photos comment vous faite vos roses merci a biento nicole

  2. Tienes unas manos maravillosas para los pasteles, me encantan estas magdalenas con la rosa p├║rpura.
    Felicidades desde Canarias,Spain

  3. Thank you so much for this. It would be on my list of dreams to come sit and wathc you work =)

  4. Hey hun, when we were in LA - there was this show called Amazing Wedding Cakes. Basically each ep followed different bakers on their quest to create the most amazing wedding cake for their clients. I instantly thought of you - if only they had a similar show here in NZ, you would definitely be featured in it!! xxx

  5. Beautiful, I love those roses are wonderful.
    Stop by my blog, participate in my draw. A kiss.

  6. Thank you for your lovely comments:

    @SweetSugarBelle: And right back at ya girl!!! =)

    @Pauline: Ooo now that is a show I would love to watch!! Not sure if I would like to be on it tho!! hehe

  7. How did you make those perfect roses? it's so beautiful.. Mine weren't as pretty as yours. SAD. :(

  8. Vanessa... You are the best!!! I love your work...

  9. sublime.....tout simplement wow!!!

  10. Oh my goodness, those roses!!! How how how??????

  11. your flowers look amazing...can you give a tutorial on how you do those amazing purple flowers please???


  12. Hi Vanessa, how did you get the roses to stick on top of the fondant?


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