Thursday, July 21

Azul's Fairy House

Fairies, fairies, oh how I love little fairies.  So when I get asked to create a fairy theme cake well it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.  I made this for a very sweet and adorable little girl who turned 4 years old.  I am very lucky and have had the privilege of making Azul's 2nd and 3rd birthday cake.  So when I received a lovely email for her mummy asking me to create Azul's 4th birthday cake I was super excited.  The theme of your party this year was all about fairies and the colour theme was white. lime green and hot pink!  I just thought WOW!!! love the colours and could envision her cake straight away.

Magical toadstool house with a magical fairy garden and pretty magical fairies.  I also made matching mini cupcakes in hot pink cases with a gorgeous lime green buttercream swirl topped with a white and yellow daisy blossom and of course sprinkled it with magical pixie dust.

Welcome to Azul's Magical Fairy House!

I really love the leaf texture and that gorgeous spring/lime green.

Little pebble steps added a sweet touch to the cake and I love the heart sharp windows.

Another fun cake to make! My favourites would have to be the cute little fairies and the vine leaves arching over the windows and door.  

Happy Birthday Azul!!! I hope you have a fabulous day!!

Happy Baking!


  1. Just beautiful! Yes, I agree, the wee vines around the window are such a lovely touch - you always think of everything! Well done :-)

  2. Muchas felicidades por tu lindo pastel de cumplea├▒os, es una verdadera preciosidad, con mucho, mucho encanto...

  3. Amazing!!!! I just love looking at your creations the details are so perfect & meaningful, you actually bring them to life!!!

  4. your cakes are great, but you might want to dial down the exposure and brightness. everything looks artifical and waaaaaay too bright.