Friday, July 22

I {heart} Chanel

I was asked by a very good friend of mine if I could please make some special cupcakes for her cousin's birthday.  My answer was of course YES!! Julia is a gorgeous and bubbly 21 year old who loves fashions.  And especially loves Chanel {who can blame her, I don't know any women who doesn't love Chanel right?}  I've never been asked to create Chanel theme cupcakes, so I was super excited.  I was going to make high heels and bags but decide that just bags would be more fun!

Oh how I love how these cupcakes turned out!!! A little bit of Ooo la la in a cupcake.

These favourite would have to be these 3.  The classic Chanel logo and quilted texture.

Julia was just blown away when she popped over to my studio to pick them up and couldn't not believe that I had created them for her.  She said that she wasn't going to eat them and that she would display them somewhere in her room.  I told her she had to at least eat one ... but something tells me that she didn't and they are taking pride of place somewhere - maybe on the mantel piece? {lol}

Happy Baking