Thursday, September 8

Miss Ashton Sky's Cupcake Tower

Gosh I haven't posted anything for awhile.  Life has been pretty busy and sometimes I struggle to keep everything going and things get dropped.  But I'm back and there is so much to post about.

Let's start off with one of my most favourite cupcake towers I have done to date.  This was a very special project and made for some good friends of mine.  They just recently had a gorgeous baby girl and to celebrate her one month birthday they asked me to create them a cupcake tower.  You may be thinking ... "One month birthday?"  In Chinese culture, the one month birthday is a very important milestone and is usually celebrated with family and friends.

My friends only request was to have a piglet theme and the rest of the design was left up to me.  Yay!! Artist freedom to do what ever I wanted!! There were so many ideas running through my head! I settled on something sweet and girly that had a vintage feel.

I have been dying to try my hand at fondant ruffles and have never had the opportunity and seeing I had artist license ... this was the perfect cake to have a go.  I absolutely love the how the ruffles turned out! They did take forever but I think it was well worth the time and effort.

Another thing I was quite proud of was how all my little piglets turned out!  I've made Piglet a few times but have never been happy with how he looked.  I surprised myself this time and just loved them all!

Close up of the ruffles

Happy Piglet

Butterflies, roses and bows

It was such an honor to create this tower for Baby Ashton Sky and her parents.  We all had a wonderful time celebrate her one month birthday.  

Congratulations Kim and Ben!! Ashton Sky is a gorgeous wee thing and she is very lucky to have such lovely and caring people as her mummy and daddy!


  1. O-M-J!! I really need to have you over here for cupcakes in the treehouse. You are the Prada of the cake world.....I must tell Tom I need you for my next birthday! I LOVE your work - Pseudo Suri xxx

  2. Such an amazing cupcake tower! I love the ruffles although its your first time, you truly are a pro! The details are so perfect, I just feel like Piglet is about to move & the butterflies are about to fly lol!
    Love all your work !


  3. Oh I love this!! You have some of the most amazing cakes and cupcakes I have ever seen!!

  4. So soft and girly too. I love how you put all the elements together to get to the finished project! Well done :)

  5. Your web site is so enjoyable. you are very talent to baking . good job!

  6. Hello!
    I know with your beautiful designs that you have way too much to do to start answering comments, but how do you do the ruffles on the cakes? I am just curious, I don't plan to ever make cakes, but maybe I can use the same technique on cupcakes...!

  7. Hi. Love your work!
    I don't know about anyone else, but I find the font you use quite difficult to read, being so light in I won't...wish I could tho!

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