Wednesday, October 12

Snow White & her forest friends

This special little project for a gorgeous little girl who celebrating turning 3 years old.  I've had the pleasure of creating Jecholeah's birthday cakes for the last 2 years, so was very excited to create this for her.

Jecholeah's mummy wanted to go with a Snow White theme party and left the design of the cupcake tower up to me!! Yippee!  I thought Snow white, meadow and cute little animal friends.

And this is the finished tower.  I just loved the colours and had alot of fun hand painting the details on the cake and cupcakes.

Jecholeah's Snow White Cupcake tower

Close up of Snow White

Cute bunny rabbit

Snow White's basket of flowers

Birdie friends

Cute little squirrel {tho I didn't think he really likes a squirrel!! hehe}

I had a wonderful time creating the cupcakes and cake for little Jecholeah!! I hope she had a wonderful birthday!!

Happy Birthday Miss J!

Happy Baking


  1. this is truly a dream come true. all the best to you and may you continue to cultivate your passion for all things beautiful! :-)

  2. I am always left awe struck at how BEAUTIFUL all your creations are....once again you have left me awe struck....I only hope one day I can be 1/2 as good as you.
    And by the way...since I read your post on Macarons. I CAN'T get them out of my

  3. Came across your blog through pinterest and I'm in serious awe at your flawless talent! Wow! wow! wow! You rock!

  4. Wow! Gorgeous. I can't imagine the amount of work you must have put into these creations.