Monday, January 16

Isabella turns 4!

My little munchkin turned 4 years old over the holidays! We celebrated with a quiet dinner with my best friends who also are Isabella's godparents and Isabella's best friend Katherine and her mummy & daddy.  I  didn't get the chance to make her a "fancy" cake because of the hectic week of prepping for our friends wedding.  I felt so bad!! The best I could do was make her a super tasty cake and OMG it tasted so good!  The best thing was Isabella got to help me make it.  I always love spending time in the kitchen with her.  We get up to some pretty cool stuff.

I decided I would make her a vanilla sponge cake filled with jam, strawberries and cream! It went down a treat with everyone and Isabella thought it was the best cake ever!! I guest sometimes it's nice to keep it simple and if the smile on Isabella's face says anything ... I think she was pretty happy too.

Happy Birthday Isabella!

I'm so excited to see what this year holds for Miss B ... I sure there will be alot of fun adventures, a few tears and a whole lot of giggles!  It's going to be an awesome year for being FOUR!

Happy Baking!