Thursday, March 22

For a good cause!

Isabella's preschool had a fun gala evening the other week to fundraise money for Auckland's Children's starship hospital. I had a pretty busy week but really wanted to donate something for the gala.  We cleaned out the house and donated books and some of Isabella's old toys that she no longer plays with.  I also really wanted to make some cupcakes for the bake sale they were also having.

With such a busy work schedule I was really push for time and quickly whipped up these cupcakes.  Some sweet and simple swirl cupcakes with a cute blossom and lavender sprinkling sugar.

I also quickly made some cute teddy bear toppers for some cupcakes too.  I have never worked so fast in my life!! I made 10 teddy bears in about 2 hours!! I know that is insane!! I was working like a crazy women!! Here is how they turned out:

All the teachers were amazing at how the cupcakes looked and were so excited to have them at the bake sale.  It is always so nice to do something for a great cause!!  The gala was a huge hit and Isabella had a great evening out.

Happy Baking!