Saturday, May 5

It's an Angry Birds cake!

Well it was my little cousin's 21st birthday yesterday!  I can't believe that my little cousin is 21!! I still see him as a little kid but he's not anymore.

He said to me ages ago that I should make an angry birds cake, he thought it would be a happy kind of cake and that I would do an awesome job {I heart my cousin} I told him that I would make him one for his 21st birthday ... he just laughed.

Anyhow, the day came and what kind of cake did I make him? An Angry Birds cake of course!  He absolutely LOVED his cake and I absolutely love creating it for him.

Introducing Kevin's Angry Birds 21st birthday cake

I made caramel cake filled with chocolate ganache for the bottom tier as this is my aunts favorite flavor and the top tier was a chocolate orange filled with chocolate ganache.  The cake was a huge hit and I got lots of wonderful comments.

All the youngins were fighting over all the characters!! 


I love my little cousin! {Yes I'm still going to call him my little cousin!} He's more like a little brother to me then a cousin.  The sweetest guy you will ever meet.  I love him to bits!!

Happy 21st birthday Kevin!!

Happy Baking!!


  1. Beautifull Cake, Nice feelings. I´m sorry for my english.

  2. Too adorable! I bet your family loves having a pro cake artist around for birthdays :)

  3. Angry Birds cake is looking delicious cake..:-)
    i like the presentation of this cake. food presentation is one the most important was nice visiting here. thanks for sharing your this post and keep posting such post here in future too.

  4. Wow!
    That's so cool!
    How did you do all the characters and the wood etc? Did you use sugar paste or gum paste? Did you have cut outs that you used to make each pig look similar?
    I am SO new to cake decorating, but absolutely love the look of all things you create. =o)