Sunday, June 24

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!

It's my birthday! It's my birthday! and I do love birthdays.  I however don't usually celebrate my birthday because it means I'm getting older! hehe but this year I thought I'd break with tradition and celebrate ... why not! Life is to short not to right?

I decided to host a lovely lunch with some of my lovely girlfriends.  We had a wonderful day at my studio enjoying each others company ... lots of girly chat and a huge amount of laughing.  A great way to spend a sunny afternoon.

I used my hutch dresser as my dessert table | Soft shades of green, peach & pink

 Gorgeous white chrysanthemum in vintage jars as the centerpiece

Please take a seat

A simple pastel green lace fondant cupcake topped with a peach handmade rose for each of my lovely friends.

All my favorite things | vintage jars | gorgeous frames | pretty teacups | beautiful flowers 

 My birthday cake 
A coconut cake filled with homemade raspberry coulis and white chocolate ganache

This was such a decadent sweet.  
Homemade caramel slice = Devine!

White chocolate & raspberry macarons

Simple & Sweet

My friends describe this as heaven on a plate and I would have to agree with them!
A coconut base with a tarty but sweet passionfruit filling topped with a coconut meringue.
A homemade Passionfuit & Coconut slice

A sweet chocolate ganache tartlet topped with raspberry coulis & boysenberry

A lovely little set up for our refreshments

With all these lovely sweet treats something refreshing was in need!
A chilled jar of pink lemonade was just the right touch

I also made a few savoury treats for my friends.  First course was a Chicken & leek mini pie, these were so moreish the girls had to have a second helping.

Second course was a Bacon & vege slice which sat on a bed of baby spinach and topped with avocado & some sweet chilli sauce.

After all that delicious feed, the girls were officially stuff {hehe} We all had such a wonderful day and I have to say it was nice to celebrate my birthday.  Maybe I'll do it all again next year?

Happy Baking!


  1. Oh happy birthday Vanessa! What a beautiful spread!

  2. Very happy birthday! And wow how pretty it al was.

  3. So beautiful. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Would you be willing to share the recipe for your lovely Passionfuit & Coconut slice by any chance?
    Thank you - Francesca xx

  4. Lucky Lucky friends!! Happy birthday and many happy returns!!

  5. Happy Bday to you! What a lovely celebration!!!!!

  6. happy birhday! Beutifull pictures! I love the colours!



  7. Your cake is really beautiful i love it!!!

  8. Happy birthday honey, it is a perfect table desing, you prepare a very nice birthday party. ı like your birthday cake alot. Everything so sweet. I hope you are always be happy in your life.

  9. Can't get over how lovely this party setting is! Every detail is a delight, and those sweet treats look fabulous of course!

  10. Happy Birthday! Everything looks beautiful!

    Charlotte from http;// Fondant-The Wedding Cake Blog

  11. Happy Birthday Bella :) stay happy and looking forward in seeing more of your creations :)

  12. happy birthday! kisses fron basque country :)

  13. For my birthday, can I come to your birthday! You amaze me!

  14. Wow, very impressive! You must have a tonne of spare time on your hands!! Lucky woman!!

  15. So pretty!!! Would you share the homemade caramel slice recipe, too?

  16. cool blog!
    u have a great sense of styleeverything looks delicious,
    visit mine and follow if u like it ;)

  17. Gorgeous! I would also love, love, love the recipe to the homemade caramel slice... or even a hint to where it can be found so I can search it out myself...??

  18. Wow and I couldn't even be bothered to make myself a birthday cake!! Love absolutely everything!

  19. harika şeyler tebrik ediyorum sizi :)

  20. Sooo beautiful and it all sounds sooo delicious!! What a treat for your friends to celebrate your birthday in such style with you. i hope that they spoilt you rotten! Your styling and photography are as beautiful as your baked goodies - what an inspiration.

  21. Really special and elegant......incredible job!!!

    Love from Italy


  22. It looks like you had a beautiful birthday! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely pictures. They are so lovely to look at. I adore your color scheme.

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  24. Oh interesting! I love this, and it looks so great.