Friday, June 1

Yes! It's more macarons!

Hmmm I'm thinking that maybe my blog should be renamed Macaron Obession? hehe This week I decided I'd make some of these little sweeties for a friend of mine.  Her daughter just turned two and they were throwing a little birthday party for her. 

My hubby & munchkin has a thing for coconuts! If they see some at the local vege shop they just can't go pass one without asking if they can buy one ... usually I say NO!!  but this time I say why not? Hmmm so there is fresh coconut in my kitchen ... A macaron flavor maybe? Not maybe ... an absolutely YES! I thought OOOOooo how about a Louise Slice type flavor! { If you don't know what a louse slice is, its a very delicious cake which is filled with coconut which has a biscuit base and a layer of raspberry jam!}  So that was it... My next flavor : Coconut & Raspberry.

Teal and purple macaron cookies sandwich a white chocolate coconut infused ganache with a tart raspberry center and sprinkled with toasted coconut.  These are heavenly!  Hubby even when as far to say that this is the best flavor combine I have done to date!! {thank you lovely hubby} 

Have a lovely Queen's Birthday weekend lovelies!! 3 long lovely days to spend with my gorgeous little family!! This is the life.

Happy Baking!


  1. These look and sound divine. Once I get the courage I plan on making some french macarons using your recipe. I will be thrilled if I can replicate your cute little cookies just a little.

  2. These look so good! Nice blog :)


  3. They look gorgeous and delicious...but sounds almost too complicated to try out! Enjoy your blog, keep on posting :)

  4. Wow! Great combo of the teal and purple (and of course the coconut-raspberry filling)!

  5. You rock with your writing!! Spectacular one for sure.

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