Tuesday, April 2

Afternoon tea at ours!

Ok, I haven't been blogging for a while and I have some much to share.  This was an afternoon tea I put together last year for some friends of ours who visited us from Canada.  I wanted to put on something a little special for Sonya and Kelly.  We don't get to see them very offer because they live so far away.  I've know Sonya since we were in kindergarden and we're been friends ever since.

Welcome to Sonya & Kelly's Afternoon Tea!

I wanted to create something that was a little classy but simple as well.  
On the menu we had the following:

Mini trifle pots
American fudge brownies with chocolate ganache & raspberries
Passionfruit tartlets with strawberries
Chocolate macarons
White chocolate & raspberry mini cupcakes
Date scones with cream & jam {not shown}
Finger sandwiches {not shown}

Love these little trifle pots!

I decided on a black and white cake with handcrafted flowers.  The cake was a coconut cake filled with chocolate ganache.  Pretty much like a bounty bar!! YUUMMOOO!

Mini cupcakes with large blooms

The selection of sweets.  I decided to match the serving boards with the patten of the cake just so everything tied in together.

We had such a fabulous afternoon!! Nothing beats great company with some yummy food!!