Thursday, July 11

How to make a blossom flower

Hello Lovelies,

I thought it was about time I got around to posting another tutorial for you all.  One of my favourite flowers I just love to make are my large blossom flowers which I use for my cupcakes. I just think they are the sweetest and most pretty flower and are so easy to make. 

So lets get started ...

How to make a fondant blossom flower {By Bella Cupcakes}

  1. Rolling pin
  2. Balling tool
  3. Small paintbrush
  4. Petal dust
  5. Fondant with added CMC
  6. FMM flower veiner
  7. 5 petal cutter
  8. Drying palette
  9. Foam pad
  10. Flower center mold

Roll your fondant out and use the 5 petal cutter to cut out your blossom.  Run your fingers along the edges of the cutter to ensure a smooth fondant edge to the blossom.

Place your fondant blossom onto your flower veiner, making sure it is centered.  Place the top bit of the flower veiner and apply even pressure.  Once done carefully remove blossom from veiner.  

Place blossom onto your foam pad and using your balling tool, gently thin out the edges of the petal.

Transfer your blossom to a drying palette.   Dust the center and inner petal with petal dust.  Colours I have used are a dusting pink mixed with a violet.  

Roll a pea size piece of yellow fondant and using your flower center mold make a center for your blossom.  A handy tip if you can't get your fondant mold out is to use either a toothpick or pin and gently remove the flower center.  Dab a tiny bit of water or sugar glue into the center of your blossom and then place your flower center to your blossom.  Leave to dry overnight.

And there you have it! A sweet and pretty blossom waiting to pretty up your cupcake.  

All you need now is some buttercream and naked cupcakes!

I hope you have find this tutorial useful and have lots of fun creating these blossoms for your cupcakes.


I have been asked where I purchased the FMM veiner and center mold from so please click on the links below to see where you can get yours.

Happy Baking!


  1. These are so striking! Can't wait to try my hand at them.

  2. Lovely!!! You are so incredible :)

  3. dear I always admire ur work. just wanted to ask where can I get this flower centre mould??

    1. Hi Mehvish, you can purchase it from Global sugar art. Here is the link: :0)

  4. Thank you so much Vanessa! I don't have any tools and I didn't really know where to start. But now I do! I am so grateful that you are sharing your knowledge and cleverness! xx

  5. Vanessa! I love your blog and your tutorial are great! Love the flowers, so beautiful!! I will definitely try to make these myself :) Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Beautiful flower! Thank you so much for the tutorial :)

  7. Wow .Amazing. thank you

  8. Hi Vanessa,

    I am so jealous of your talent and your cake boutique, they are the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen. Any chances of any more tutorials, please? Your roses are beautiful and your animal figurines so adorable. I would happily pay for your tutorials?? I was wondering where you got some of your other flower cutters/veiners?


  9. Lovely! You are truly talented!
    Can we storage the flowers? If yes, how and for how many days?
    Thank you,

  10. Lovely! You are truly talented!
    Can we storage the flowers? If yes, how and for how many days?
    Thank you,

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