Sunday, August 11

Oh Dora Dora!

Some very close friends of ours ask if I would create a cake for their daughter's 2nd birthday, of course I would I told them.  There next questions was can it please be a Dora theme cake ...... Ooooooo now that changes things!  You see me and Dora are not very good friends!! We don't seem to get on very well but after much thought how could I say no to my friends!  I took on the challenge and create a pretty Dora cake fit for a ballerina.

Miss Ashton Sky's Dora Cake

Dora took a few attempts to get right but was really happy with how she turned out in the end.  I was also super excited to give a new technique a go!  Watercolour painted effect was just so lovely!! I just love the soft subtle feel it gave to a cake!! I just think it all came together to create a really special cake for a special little girl!

Happy Baking!


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  3. This comment is for everything you've posted on this blog:

    So. Talented. It's. Not. Even. Funny. Your cakes and decorations are so so so beautiful and inspiring!!!

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  5. lovely cakes, these cakes are so beautiful, i don't to cut... you are an amazing artist

  6. Excelente Post, Ainda teremos cupcakes assim aqui em porto alegre

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  10. Muito proveitoso, adoramos!
    obrigado por compartilhar conosco.

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