Saturday, February 26

Great Summer Wedding

 I find that every week, most of my cupcakes or cakes have the same theme!! I find it rather freaky ... do any of you cake decorators out there find that too?

Anyhow, this week it was all about the beach and jandals!!  I had to make over 100 pairs of these tiny little jandals and Man did they take forever!! I swear by the time I'd finished them all I was having jandal nightmares!! But Hey I still enjoyed the making them all!! I'm just in need of a major shoulder massage!! {Hint! Hint! To Hubby}

 This tower I just LOVE!! Made for a lovely couple who got married over on the Sunny and gorgeous Waiheke Island. For those of you who don't know where Waiheke is its just a 30min ferry ride from Auckland, some of the most amazing beaches and amazing wineries!  A laid back Island where you can escape the city life and enjoy some R&R!
 So back to this tower, we used blues and teals as a crisp white backdrop.  Cupcakes decorated with kinas, shells, starfish and pearls and of course those cute little jandals.  

 Hope you are all have a fantastic Sunday!! I'm off to make red roses!!


  1. Beautiful cupcakes! :) lOve the detail! I can see how it took ages :)


  2. Your "about me" section say a wannabe - You are a cupcake designer. Amazing work!

  3. Your talent NEVER ceases to amaze me! You are one of my favorite cake decorators...actually you ARE my fave! I'd love to work with you. Especailly in that studio of yours =) Gorgeous as usual!

  4. Wow. These cupcakes are amazing. I am visiting and just couldn't help comment on your food and photography!

  5. Aww thanks so much everyone!!! You guys are way toooo kind!!!

  6. Oh Vanessa, you poor thing, that was the same weekend as our jandal cake ... this one looks beautiful!! Just like ours did!