Saturday, February 12

For the collector

When I got an email from a lovely young lady who wanted to order a special cake for her mums 60th birthday I was like cool! I can definitely do that. When she told me her mum collects miniature perfume bottles and If I could somehow incorporate that into the design I was totally excited!! I wanted to create something that had the old school glam feel. My vision was soft pastel colours with black.

If you don't know already I {LOVE} stripes!!! I could easily add stripes to every single cake I make!! The stripes on this cake took forever to do but I think it was so worth the time and effort. I think the hardest thing about stripes is making sure they are all straight. Have you ever done stripes on a cake and at the front they are looking really good but by the time you get the back they are very wonky!! haha I know I have!! So it was my mission with this cake to take my time and get them prefect!

Oh the old glam style perfume bottle {LOVE} I think perfume makers should bring back that classic gorgeous style, I definitely think I was born in the wrong era!! The attention to details back then was just amazing!!

Anyhow, another absolute fun cake to make!!! She was absolutely blown away {her daughter} when she picked up the cake!! I hope Lee was too!

Happy Birthday Lee! {60 years young}


  1. is a beautiful, elegant and perfcet cake, sweet details

  2. Por Dios! que cosa tan preciosa. Felicitaciones. Un besito

  3. GORGEOUS! All that detail! You blow me away Vanessa.

  4. I love your work, hope to be as talented as you one day!!hehehe.
    I have a curiosity, maybe if you could share , what do you use to frost your cupcakes? and to mold your cakes like this one. Is it just simple gumpaste, sugarpaste?

  5. Sound so innovative!! It's so mesmerizing to read this