Monday, February 14

Lemon & Poppy Cupcake

I'm not much of a lemon flavour cupcake person but my hubby and mum just loves my lemon & poppy cupcake. It is sweet but tarty and the poppy seeds adds a lovely texture.

Makes approximately 30 cupcakes


350g white chocolate
225g unsalted butter
300ml water

300ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
3 eggs
400g castor sugar
400g self-rising flour
Handful or so poppy seeds
Lemon extract or essences

{Cooking Steps}

1. Pre-heat over to 150 degrees Celsius and prepare 3x 12 hole cupcake trays with cupcake cases.

2. In a saucepan add the white chocolate, butter, water and lemon juice. Place on a low heat
and stir until chocolate and butter are melted. Leave to cool slightly.

3. In a large bowl whisk the eggs together and slowly add the cooled mixture to the eggs -
whisking as the chocolate mixture is added.

4. Add the sugar and mix.

5. Add the sieved self-rising flour and mix till combined.

6. Add the poppy seeds and about 3-4 drops of lemon extract and mix well.

7. Pour cupcake mixture into the cupcake cases. Fill almost to the top.
{these cupcakes do not rise very much}

8. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

9. Leave to cool before decorating

Well I hope you all have a go at making these cupcakes!! They are a favourite in our house!

Happy baking everyone!


  1. OMG thankyou so much for this recipe Vanessa!! I baked a batch for my husband and kids today and they LOVED them!! Can't say I can decorate as well as yours but they come back for 2nd's and 3rd's and started begging for 4th's :) cannot wait to see some more of your recipes and tips

    Thanks again

    PS - I totally adore your studio by the way - definate little piece of heaven - bliss!!

  2. Vanessa, thank you for sharing your recipe. I really really love your cakes and cupcakes. They are AMAZING! A true work of art. Have you ever considered doing a tutorial? I really need to learn from you. Thank you again!


  3. Thanks so much Amelia =) I'm so glad you and your fam loved the cuppies!!

    Hi Irene =)

    Oh you are very welcome =) I would love to do workshops but am just to busy at the moment!! Cupcakes and my little munchkin take up all my time!! but when I do I will definitely let everyone know =)

  4. Thanks so much for this recipe. I made them and everyone really enjoyed them - I didn't even get a chance to ice them! Many thanks again :)

  5. thanks so much for the recipe. my two girls finished the cake in no time -with the help of hubs of course..yum!!would really appreciate a recipe for ganache, mine was too runny to frost the cake with. - Niki.

  6. Wow they were amazing! Can you please put up some more recipes?? Rachel

  7. I've had a major cupcake diaster. They don't appear cooked inside. My first batch were definitely undercooked. The second batch I left in for so much longer than 20 minutes - perhaps 50 minutes to an hour. Brown on top, uncooked in the middle. What's happened? I'm guessing they are supposed to be light and fluffy and not dense like mine? Melissa