Saturday, March 5

B for Bella

It's always nice to work with a different medium besides fondant.  And I love it when I get to use pretty paper and my gorgeous pink cutterbug machine.  I really love making my custom made cupcake picks.  These I made for a fairy/polka dot theme party.  The birthday girls mummy wanted the letter {B} on all the cupcakes.

 I decided that I would cover the cupcakes with pink fondant and a polka dot embossed pattern to carry on the theme, a small swirl of vanilla buttercream on top and a sprinkle of white nonpareil.  And a sweet purple blossom for extra girly{ness}.  The end result .... pure sweetness in a cupcake!

I also did a simple polka dot cake to match the cupcakes, topped with handmade fairy holding a very yummy looking cupcake!

I got the best ever reaction when Bella's mummy picked up her goodies!!! She was almost in tears and just raved about both the cupcakes and cakes and gave me the biggest hug!! I think that's what makes my job so so rewarding!  Knowing that I've made someones day and that they will get so much enjoyment from my creation is just awesome! Yay.

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