Sunday, March 6

Drama in a Rose

Don't you think that black, white/ivory and red just are the most complimentary colours.  I think so, they just work of each other and really brings out a striking look.

I worked from the couples invite to create this tower.  Their colour theme was, Yep! you guessed right!! Red, black and ivory!  I love the simpleness of  cupcake, just a single red rose can say so much.

 For the top cake, I used a damask stencil pattern, topped with handmade fondant roses, black fondant leaves and willow.  It's always excited to put a tower together as you never know just how its all going to come together! I really love the finished look of this tower ... I had to take a step back and just admire it for a a while {heart}


  1. Ooooh what a beautiful stand, I love roses and the cake is fantastic.
    Very cute work, congratulations.
    kisses from Spain.

  2. This is truly stunning! Beautiful work.....

    Emma from Heaven Espresso

  3. Oh,my Gucci.
    My jaw almost drop.

  4. Your work is outstanding! Props to you, madame Bella. Truly an inspiration.♥

  5. how did you do the damask? Is it a stencil or did you cut them out and then apply? It looks too perfect for stenciling! If you cut them out how did you do it? Amazingly beautiful!

  6. Beautiful!!! How did you get such beautiful red roses?

  7. Wow, it's perfect! I am struggling to get a good black icing (either in buttercream OR royal icing). Do you have any tips, as yours is superb?! Thank you Vanessa. x

  8. Now, that's what called Perfection. Keep up!!