Monday, March 21

One of my absolute Favourites!!

 Ok can I just say this has been the most, absolutely favourite cake I have made to date.  I had so much fun making Pooh bear and his friends and all the little flower pots and hunny pots.  I made this for little Caitlin who turned the big number One!!! Hooray for Caitlin.

Everything has been hand made by moi =) and is completely edible, well except the banner.

Tigger looking super cute and a little hungry! Hmm maybe I should have made him a tiny little cupcake.

My favourite will have to be Eeyore, he is just the sweetest little thing and always seems to end up on his own with his lovely pot plant.

 Best friends Piglet and Winnie.

Oh I was really sad to see this cake go! I really just wanted to keep and display it in my studio!! But like I always say to my customers: cakes are to be eaten and will I knew this cake was going to a good home and would be totally enjoyed by all.

I actually received a lovely email back from Janice {Caitlin mummy} and this is what she had to say:

Hi Vanessa,

We just wanted to say a BIG thank you for the lovely cake you created for us. It was a definite show stopper. There was an immediate sound of 'oohhh' and 'ahhhh' from all our guests when they first laid eyes upon it. And our little girl just loved it... esp the banner! =p 

The cake just looked absolutely gorgeous... and tasted heavenly! (It was incredibly hard to make that first slice)

We can't thank you enough for making our day!

Janice, Jason and Caitlin
Yay!! It makes my job so worthwhile when I get such wonderful reactions from my cakes!!! It really is awesome to know that I can make someones day that extra bit more special.


  1. Hola.

    Realmente es una belleza todo lo que haces. No sé inglés, pero a veces no es necesario saber algo cuando todo te lo dicen las imagenes. Felicitaciones.

    Te invito a visitar mi blog

    Un beso


  2. Vanessa... this is just amazing.. what lovely details in this cake

  3. Absolutely beautifull!!! I wonder how you take your pictures.Suc beautifull details on the cake.

  4. This is sooooo beautiful! Your cakes are truly beautiful. Also your photos are just gorgeous!

  5. Aww... it must have been so hard to let this one go - its so gorgeous!! I have to keep reminding myself that it's a cake's destiny to be eaten! How you manage to create such beautiful tiny details I will never know.

    You bring so much beauty into the world!!!

  6. That is so are very good at this, who know's maybe you'll be like DC cupcake's. Wow I am impressed.

  7. Truly unbelievable cake. I would absolutely have a hard time parting with these adorable creations. I love your site!

  8. Thank you so much everyone!!! I really love reading your comments =D

  9. That is soooo adorable!!! and the banner is beautiful...did you make it yourself? you are truly talented!!!!

  10. It's amazing! Incredible.... Congrats for your work