Sunday, March 20

Stripes, stripes and more stripes!

This weeks cakes were all about stripes.  Black and white stripes to be exact.  I find that most weeks I'll end up having a theme running through all my cakes.  And they were all booked at different times.  Not that I'm complaining {lol} I do love my stripes and you can't beat black and white stripes for that WOW factor.  Here is a couple of the black and white cakes I made.

I made this mini cupcake tower for a lady who celebrated her 21st birthday!! {oh to be 21 again =( I'm sadly approaching my 30th birthday this year!}  She was having a Veuve Champagne theme party.  I used the orange tones to tie the whole tower in with the theme.  Black and white stripes and abit of bling, pink large handmade roses for a little bit of girly wow factor!!  I love how every element tied into together and it look fabulous on my black and white stand.  I baked a jaffa orange mud cake filled with chocolate ganache and tarty sweet chocolate raspberry cucpakes with vanilla buttercream!

This striking cake is a refine version of my Ooo la la cake I made for my friends birthday a few years ago.  The young lady who order this cake wanted it to be striking and all about the bling.  If its bling shes wants then its bling she will get!! {lol} I took a hop and a skip down to my local Spotlight and found these fabulous wooden shaped numbers.  Got home and painted them black and then stuck all these little tiny diamantes onto the numbers, I really think they turned out great.  This was a top cake for a cupcake tower.  I also made mini cupcakes to go with the cake and carried on the theme of black, white and hot pink.  The finished tower look awesome!

Happy Monday!


  1. Vanessa, I love the 21st birthday cake. Its gorgeous. What I wouldn't do to have you come here and do Belle's!

  2. Oh hun!! If only we lived closer!!! =D