Tuesday, April 12

It's getting cooler!

Well it's getting cooler here in Auckland and the days are definitely getting shorter.  But it's a gorgeous sunny Autunms day and I'm so looking forward to spending Easter with my family.  My poor little munchkin has been sick for the last week and she didn't make it to preschool today {which means work has been put on hold}.  So what is everyone up to for Easter?  We're having an Easter Hunt Tea Party at our place.  As you can imagine Isabella has been bursting with excitement.  For the last 5 weeks she has been asking everyday "Is it Easter yet mummy?" She asked today and I could final say it's next Sunday!!  She gave me the biggest smile and said "Next Sunday!"  hehe Super cuteness! I would love to hear what all you lovlies out there have planned.

Anyhow, I thought I'd share these cupcakes with you all.  A special gift for a lady who turned 60th.  Her daughter Hannah who lives in the UK could not be here to celebrate with her mum and wanted to give her something special and surprise her with a gorgeous box of cupcakes.

It reminds me of a nice spring day, playing in the fields, picking flowers and making daisy chains.  I hope Hannah's mum had a fabulous day and got a bit of Spring sunshine from her cupcakes.


  1. They look really beautiful, ideal for Easter, even if it is autumn for you or spring for me...
    Best regards from your antipodes, Spain...

  2. omg.. these are SO PRETTY!!! I aspire to open my own bakery when I grow up~ >< and I really look up to you, your designs & the care you put into each and every design of your cakes/cupcakes~