Saturday, April 16

Let's Celebrate!

Here at Bella Cupcakes headquaters we were absolutely thrilled to find out that we had reached our 4000th {liker} on our Facebook page.  4000!! that is quite unbelieveable.  I would have never ever dreamed that I would have that many people who would like my page. It is so super AWESOMENESS! {hehe}  I still remember the feeling when just a few hundred had join and I would jump up and down for joy!!  So we had to celebrate ...&  what better way to celebrate then give away a box of our gorgeous cupcakes.  Our winner Arlene was so happy and excited when she popped over to collect her box of goodies.  To make it extra cool - it was Arlenes little boys birthday today and she was just thrilled to have some of our cupcakes to celebrate.

I didn't really know what I wanted to create, but I knew I wanted something pretty.  I have to say I started with a blank - looking at these naked cupcakes {what to do?} I just picked up some fondant and see where this would go.  I ended up making my ribbon roses and from there things just started to come together and well this is what I ended up with.

A garden wonderland in a cupcake.  Congratulations again to Arlene!! Hope she enjoyed her chocolate and raspberry cupcakes and her little man had a fabulous party!!

Happy Baking!


  1. lovely colour combination

  2. So beautiful! As always your work is flawless

  3. Oh what a lucky Arlene. These are just simply beautiful! The attention to detail is wonderful.

  4. yuuumy, these look stunning, all most too good looking to eat :) but i bet they taste amaziiiiinnng