Friday, April 27

Oh Sweet Mum E-vent!

A few months ago I got a lovely phone call from the lovely and very talented Jacki of Blissfully Sweet in Sydney.  I was planning a very special E-vent for Mum's day in honor of her mother who past away 10 years ago from breast cancer.

She sent through an information pack and when I opened it up it was a serious WOW!! This was going to be an absolutely fabulous E-vent!! I was very happy to take part.  I was asked to create a series of cupcakes which reflect the brief .... Gosh!! 

I knew straight away I wanted to create 3 stand out pieces. I think nothing stands out more then a tiered cupcake. To me they are like little mini cakes and look absolutely gorgeous and so sweet and cute at the same time.

The gorgeous colour palettes of the event gave me so much inspiration, I loved the fresh beach tones mixed in with all the gorgeous pastel and natural colours. I wanted to create pieces which had a hint of that seaside freshness, lots of floral elements and a smidgin of vintage chic.

I drew inspiration from my own mum and want she would love if I were to create these pieces for her. My mum loves all things pretty and I love all things vintage so by putting all these elements together I came up these 3 pieces.

Introducing Oh Sweet Mum Collection
In honor of all mums

Shabby chic with a little hint of seaside sweetness.

French chic & lace

Romance with a touch of vintage chic

It was such an amazing event which unfolded throughout the day yesterday.  I was glued to my seat and computer screen and was just overwhelmed by all the prettiness and gorgeousness!!  Thank you so much Jacki for asking me to be part of this wonderful event.  You did an absolute AMAZING job!!! You are one talented lady and I know that your mother would have been very proud.

If you would like to see the E-vent please have a look Here.

Here is to all mums out there!! You are all truly incredible women and are an inspiration to us all!! 

Happy Baking!


  1. Woowww.. what a a great idea.. and so well done !! the colors are wonderfull...
    I love them all!

    besos from Spain!

  2. Adorable, love the colours and everthing:-) Hugs from Denmark;-)

  3. I just found your blog and I love it. I just love the flower that are on the cupcake whit the turquoise striped bow. The dart dusty pink flower. It look like it made of corduroy.. How do you do that flower?
    Lovs from Sweden

  4. Your work is simply divine! I would love to feature you anytime in our Creative Community Blog on! Please let me know if you'd be interested.

  5. awesome idea! i’ve been eyeing that flower cupcakes for some time now. thanks for sharing!

  6. One of the finest writing I have read so far!