Sunday, April 22

Bugs! Bugs! I Love Bugs!

So my very good friend from Photographique asked me to create a cake for her sons 5th birthday.  James is a pretty cool dude and he is fascinated with bugs at the moment.  A bugs cake is the perfect boy's cake for a 5 year old I thinks!!

I wanted to create a cake that was fun but still a little cute {its just my nature I thinks .. think me think cute}.  A garden cake with lots of green stuff!! Leaves and magical mushrooms, lots of dirt and of course bugs!! What kind of bugs?  Hmm lets go for spiders. ladybugs. snails and worms!! Yes!! Fun Fun Fun!!

Welcome to Jame's bug world!!

James loved his cake!! And his had a fabulous party with lots of fun games and lollies!  Isabella had such a great time - Thank you Catherine, Paul and James for having us :)

Happy Baking!