Sunday, April 22

Safari So Good!

I made this cake for a little fella who turned two.  He absolutely loves books, so I asked his mommy what is his favorite book and the answer was Safari so good! Hmm I've never heard of that book before?  Well it is a fabulous book!! From the Dr Seuss's Cat in the hat collection. They all go on a safari and see all the amazing animals in this very funky safari car.  I love how whimsical all the animals looked in the book and really wanted to capture this in my cake.

Anyhow this is how the cake looked once finished :)

Welcome to Lucian's Safari so Good adventures!

I really loved how everything came together!

Cat in the Hat!

I {heart} the hippos!

It was so much fun creating this cake for Lucian!!  His mommy popped over to collect the cake and she was just blown away by it!! Yay!

Hope little Lucian had a fabulous birthday and had lots of fun adventures.

Happy Baking!


  1. I heart the hippos too. So cute! I'm totally envious of the purple you've managed to get. Every time I try purple it looks kind of greyish so I've put a moratorium on anything with purple in it.

  2. wow! i just love this cake! All those beautiful details, great cake.

  3. Pleasure to go through such wonderful work!!