Saturday, July 7

A Hooting good time!

I made this ombre ruffle cake with cute owl topper for a lovely lady who was throwing her best friend a surprise birthday party.

I have been overwhelmed by all the wonderful response via my Facebook page!! I had so much fun making little Miss Hoot and love the little say that I found.

I absolutely loved creating this cake and loved making all those ruffles!!! Ruffles and me are very very good friends :)  I'd put ruffles on all my cakes if I could!

Happy baking


  1. The Owl is sooo cute! And i love the ruffles.

  2. Lindoooo please tutorial of ruffles! Thanksss xoxo

  3. Am always amazed at how delicate those ruffled layers look!

  4. Great job. I love all the package of cupcakes specially the owl and the ruffles is excellent. Thank for share this one..

  5. I love your cakes they always look so perfect. I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Bloggers Award.

  6. so cute...awesome colour!good job...please visit my side doing cupcake n cakes too.nice to meet u...thanks

  7. wow, so cute, colors and owl are just awesome!!! Please post step by step tutorial of this Cutie Owl. :))

  8. You truly amaze me Vanessa. I've seen so many cake websites and no one else is as detailed and creative as you. You have a style like no other and you continue to inspire me! I would LOVE if it if you did an online cake class, like the ones on please please!! (think about it! I'd be the first to sign up!)

  9. Wowww your creation is just awesome!
    Greetings from Uruguay!

  10. That owl is soooo cute and it goes so good with the cake design.

  11. Hi Vanessa,

    Can you please post a tutorial on how to do the ruffles...they are absolutely gorgeous and I would love to give it a go!

    Thanks all the way from the UK, your website is inspiring!

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